Email Organized


What information do you access?

Instruct does not store on servers or access any information from your email.



When will Instruct support email Providers other than Gmail?

We currently support Gmail only but plan to have support for Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail in the next couple of months.



How can I use read later effectively?

Think of read later like a calculator. Keep pressing the keys till you get to the date and time you want. A tip, if you don't see the date and time you desire presented, press the key that gets you closest to the date and time you desire, this will reset the other keys with new values.



Will there be an iPhone app for Instruct?

Yes. The iPhone app is currently under development.


Do you have access to our email or our password?

We do not have any access to your email address and password. We will not under any circumstances ask you for any password information.



Contact Information

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On Twitter @instructapp